Keeping an Eye on Drivers’ Optic Health

When your drivers are out on the road for long periods of time undertaking courier jobs its vital that they are working with optimal eyesight. Naturally it is hoped that individual drivers will raise any concerns that they might have about their vision with you deptofmarketing but ultimately it is incumbent upon you to keep this important issue at the forefront of your thinking. With this in mind arm yourself with the facts by reading this useful guide to what all employers need to know about their drivers ey…

Hubcap Heaven- Get into the World of Wheel Trims

Looking to give your van a fresh look Are your wheels looking worn after years of abrasion from being on the road completing courier jobs Fitting out your vehicle with a brand new set of wheel trims can have many benefits: alongside the obvious visual appeal and protection provided, you can use this opportunity to personalise and brand your van particularly important if youre self-employed and looking to get your name out there. If youre heading out on courier jobs with scuffed broken or eve…

Lorry Drivers’ Top Bugbears on the Road

Due to their presence on the roads, hardworking lorry drivers who travel the length and breadth of the country doing delivery work are often, and quite unfairly at the receiving end of complaints from other motorists. But there are most definitely two sides to every penny and here, in the interest of fairness and putting the record straight we turn the tables and shine a light on the issues that cause headaches for lorry drivers who share the road with bad car drivers.

Turning Lorry Drivers Green

In any industry everyone from top management down should endeavour to engage in a regular programme of self-improvement or training in order to be at the top of their game. In the transport industry particularly for a lorry driver there are actually certain legislative requirements that need to be undertaken to remain compliant. However there are other initiatives that while voluntary are highly desirable for a lorry driver to take part in. One new government training programme is set on t…

Celebrating Lorry Drivers- The Norfolk Hero

The HGV drivers that make up the transport industry’s massive workforce are known to be a staunch and solid group. These hardworking men and women are an integral cog in the UK’s economical wheel, keeping the country moving in more ways than one. In fact, a recent story of heroism on the busy A47 motorway involves a lorry driver who not only showed great presence of mind but also had the courage and heart to follow through saving not just one life but potentially many.

UK Road Network Upgrades- What to Expect

This summer the Government published a programme of planned upgrades to the UK road network which will cost 6.1 billion. As the Road Haulage Association has said the UKs roads and motorways are a hauliers workplace. Projected improvements to the transport infrastructure that is a hauliers office space are of utmost importance to us. Today Im going to take a closer look at the details of this new scheme and what it means for HGV drivers. The mentioned sum of money is going to be used to …

Post-Brexit Britain- Delivery Work in Northern Ireland

With Brexit making daily headlines the Irish border problem is recognised as one of particular importance and complexity With the UKs exit from the single market and the customs union on the horizon the impact of a possible return to a hard border on the haulage industry is worrying those involved in delivery work. The Current Situation Thanks to the Good Friday Agreement there are no security stops or checks along the 500km borderline between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

A Haulier’s Guide to Jobs in Germany

Thanks to our freight exchange app tenderoaklabradors it has become easier and easier for haulage companies to advertise their vehicle capacity. Signing up to a freight exchange to maximise capacity can increase profits all round and is better for the environment as well. However getting more jobs coming your way means that youll occasionally find yourself driving routes you are unused to coming across new rules and regulations. Here is our handy guide to completing a job in Germany.