Tea and Your Teeth

Tea and Your Teeth

Tea and Your Teeth

Green Tea and Your Teeth

Scientists have found a new way to protect your teeth and gums. Scientists have found out that drinking green tea could help prevent bacteria build up that erode the enamel in your teeth. Enamel is the hard surface that protects the interior of your teeth.


When we tend to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, we run the risk of tooth decay. There is a bacterium that lives in your mouth that bonds to the sugar in the food you eat. This bacterium actually turns the sugar into waste by using and producing an acid that eats away at your tooth enamel. Green tea helps to prevent this acid build up. It also helps protect you by changing the pH balance in your mouth and fighting off bacteria.


If you drink green tea on a daily basis, you run the risk of reducing cavities. Green tea helps prevent formation of cavities by reducing the amount of acid. The lower the acid levels are, the less plaque is formed. Green tea also helps inhibit bacteria from sticking to the teeth. You should be drinking at least eight to ten cups of green tea daily if you want to see results.


You should avoid drinking soft drinks that are high in acidity. These are the types of drinks that can erode the enamel in your teeth. Instead, you should drink milk and cold water that are low in acidity. Drinking a lot of plain water is also good because it is a neutralizer of acid. You should be careful drinking soft drinks since the sugar and acid can combine to cause tooth decay.


You should avoid eating a lot of snacks. These foods contain sugars and are low in calcium so they can cause acid build up in your mouth that will protect your teeth instead of protecting your body. They are also low in calcium so you need to eat a good amount of foods that are high in calcium, such as cheese, milk, broccoli, sardines, and broccoli.


If you drink a lot of soda pop this will also erode the enamel in your teeth and cause cavity formation. Instead of soda with your meal, drink water or milk it will help neutralize the acidity of the soda and help wash the remaining particles away.


You can also become addicted to your caffeine List: coffee, tea, soda, and even juices all contain caffeine. The caffeine in your mouth is really absorbed by the teeth. If you are a coffee drinker and cannot stop, at least sip a Herbal tea instead of coffee. Herbal teas have the right amount of caffeine in them so they are different from soft drinks.


You should avoid chewing gum as the sugar in the gum causes the cavities. Gum chewing can also result in a whole new set of dental problems. You should also pay attention to what you eat and drink. Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.


When we eat fresh, whole foods from the supermarket we are exposing ourselves to a whole load of chemicals. These chemicals can have an adverse affect on our bodies and should be avoided if possible. The more we eat chemicals the more irritated our bodies become. The more inflamed our tissues become, the more susceptible to inflammation, the more bacteria can grow and the more inflammatory responses that can stimulate disease.


So the important thing to remember is to eat real, whole foods. These foods that are high in antioxidants, found in organically grown foods, and that are natural preservatives are going to be the best way to eat. Try to avoid the processed foods that are high in added sugars and bleached flour.


One more thing, I saw a sign in Whole Foods Market saying that they would give you a healthier award, healthier than a piece of paper. I’m not sure if this is a fake product but if you buy a Healthy reward card will be the difference.


Ashing Teeth สล็อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย



Any body wants to avoid brittle, broken teeth. Ashing teeth are a sign of a weak enamel. There are two reasons for this. Initially when your teeth are dehydrated they become less thick and therefore they have a more porous look. Secondly if they are thrombosed they can fragments and there is a higher risk that they will break.


Children can often have a protruding, or uneven, jaw which will result in a cracked or chipped tooth.


There are many treatments available. However, the best option is to see your dentist to discuss options for the treatment of your teeth.


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Tea and Your Teeth